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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees

The 'average' legal fee to represent a client in a consumer or small business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case will cost between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 depending on the complexity of your individual case.  You will be quoted a specific fee in writing once we've reviewed the basic elements of your case at no charge.  

For example, a self-employed debtor that does not have accurate profit & loss statements for the past twelve months will incur a significantly higher fee than a 'W-2' employment income debtor.  Avoiding judgment liens and other complicating factors will also tend to increase the time required and fees involved to properly prepare your case.  You will not be asked to enter into a written representation agreement until you've received your individual Chapter 7 quote.  Accordingly, your individual fee may be more or less than the 'average'.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy legal fees do not include the Bankruptcy court filing fee of $306, mandatory credit counseling course fee, mandatory financial management course fee and credit report fee.  These costs are subject to change at any time without notice.

I accept down payments of $500 or more to begin work on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, which will include a complete case analysis and means test workup.  The balance of fees will be due two weeks before your petition is scheduled to be filed. Because your pre-bankruptcy petition debts will be discharged, I cannot file a bankruptcy petition for a client until all pre-petition fees and costs have been paid.  

Once you have provided me with all of the required documents I will need, it will take an additional 3-10 days to prepare and file your Chapter 7 petition.  If I discover during the petition preparation process that other information or documents may be needed, your individual case may take longer to prepare prior to filing. 

Although you may have obtained a recent credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus, the potential for additional costs that can be incurred from deficient creditor noticing in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case requires me to obtain a complete credit report from all three credit reporting agencies just before I file your petition.

Please note that additional pre- and post-petition legal services (i.e. debt defense, pre-filing planning, reaffirmations, redemptions, adversary complaints, avoiding tax liens, etc.) will require additional fees.  For a sample copy of my fee agreement that illustrates the services that are and are not covered in a basic Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, please call or e-mail me, and I’ll be happy to supply one.
Please call my office to discuss fees for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases and hourly civil litigation case fees. 

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