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Civil Claims & Litigation

The Law Office of Fred Martens provides legal representation for consumers and small businesses in the prosecution and defense of the following types of civil claims:

  • Breach of contract  
  • Theft or conversion of property or services 
  • Trespass and/or damage to property 
  • Fraud 
  • Unfair, coercive or deceptive acts

Everyone knows that civil lawsuits can be expensive. In truth, the vast majority of civil complaints filed are settled well before trial through the negotiation, mediation or arbitration process.

There are several options available to settle a civil matter away from the courthouse steps, and I like to pursue those avenues first, where possible.

Out of court settlements are often much less costly for both client and adversary, and promote 'judicial economy'; utilizing the in-court trial litigation process only after all other settlement options have failed.

If another person or business has committed an act against you, or failed to act when they were supposed to, and that act or omission has resulted in financial damages, let’s talk about whether or not it would make sense to pursue the matter.

I provide potential clients with a complementary, confidential consultation* to discuss what their legal options may include, so you risk nothing by investigating the matter. Call my office today for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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* Please note:  The purpose of a free consultation is not for the gratuitious dispensation of free legal advice.  Unless there is a current representation agreement in existence between attorney and client, no legal advice can be given, or may be construed as legal advice.  Consultations are available, time and existing client casework permitting, to assess your potential case in order to evaluate whether or not you have a viable course of action to take for recovery under the law.