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Debtor-Creditor Law

Typically, consumers will run into debtor-credit relationship problems in a few key areas:

  • Past due credit card collections
  • Automatic withdrawal accounts, i.e. health clubs, cable and utility services
  • Payday lender accounts
  • Apartment lease or security deposit issues
  • Inaccurate credit reporting status

The types of problems that usually arise from unfair debt collections practices will usually involve one or more of the following:

  • Harassment or abuse in telephonic or written communications 
  • Collections communications with relatives, friends or employers of the debtor
  • False or misleading collections representations
  • Debt collection past expiry of the statute of limitations 

If you have experienced one or more of the above abusive collections practices, or you’re currently being harassed by a debt collector and would like to know what your rights are - or whether you have a case against a creditor, contact me for a private complementary consultation* on the matter.

Note: Please!  Always take written notes whenever you are contacted by a debt collector.  Take note of the time, date, their name, their company name, what was said, length of call, whether at home or work, if they talked to you, a family member, friend, co-worker or employer – the more details you can write down, the better - for these notes can become powerful evidence in proving your claim later against an abusive creditor or collections agency!

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* Please note:  The purpose of a free consultation is not for the gratuitious dispensation of free legal advice.  Unless there is a current representation agreement in existence between attorney and client, no legal advice can be given, or may be construed as legal advice.  Consultations are available, time and existing client casework permitting, to assess your potential case in order to evaluate whether or not you have a viable course of action to take for recovery under the law.

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