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Small Business Formation

Whether you’re thinking of starting up a sole proprietorship, partnership, “C” corporation or LLC, I can help you to avoid common pitfalls that small business owners often fall into when drafting and submitting required originating entity documentation.

I can also help to guide you through State, County and Local agency licensing, account origination and operational requirements so that you don’t later find that your business was improperly or ineffectively set up, often exposing the business owner to crippling fines, personal liability or tax penalties.

Some of the entity formation services that are offered include:

    • Selection for appropriate choice of entity structure for your business
    • Origination and filing of state, county and local business licensing applications
    • Drafting and filing of required incorporation and operating documents
    • Foreign state registration and qualification requirements
    • Ongoing state, local and county reporting, compliance and administrative requirements
    • Washington DOR, DOL, L&I, Employment Security & Secretary of State account registration
    • Operational licensing, tax, liability and accounting considerations

Small Business 'Winding Up' and Liquidation

If your business is approaching the point at which you’d like to develop an exit strategy to dissolve the entity, you probably already know that there are certain sequences of events that must be followed in order to effectively cease operations. Failing to successfully complete all of the legal requirements in the timely winding up of business affairs may result in unforeseen penalties and personal liability for unwary business owners, partners and shareholders.

While in most cases it makes little sense to file a Chapter 7 liquidation for a small business, there are other strategies available to wind up your business opertions without leaving you exposed to personal liability.

Please note that my practice does not include Chapter 11 debtor-in-possession workouts or receiverships.  For entity owners that would like to explore and pursue their options through receivership or in a Chapter 11 proceeding, I can recommend highly qualified attorneys to discuss your Debtor-in-Possession options with you.

Small Business Purchase and Sale Opportunities

Perhaps you’re interested in soliciting buyers’ offers for your small business or would like to make sure you’ve covered all your bases to avoid any future financing and securitization headaches once the business sale has been completed. If you’re a small business buyer, you’ll want a knowledgeable attorney that can effectively represent your interests in the transaction as well.

I have experience in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating various small business transactions including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Financing terms, promissory notes and notes payable
  • Reviewing and negotiating business broker agreements
  • Drafting, filing, amending and terminating UCC financing statements

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a small business, I can help you to maximize the protection of your interests while minimizing potential future problems at the same. I offer a private, complementary and confidential consultation* for potential clients to ensure a good ‘fit’ between attorney and client.

Small Business Transactions

As the former owner of a small closely held corporation, I’ve experienced many of the challenges that can arise in the formation, operation and sale of a successful entity. As an attorney, some of the legal services I offer small business owners include:

  • Drafting or review of contracts and commercial space / office leases
  • Asset purchase and sale agreements
  • Prosecution of small business civil claims, i.e. contracts, notes payable, promissory notes

Please contact my office at your earliest convenience for a confidential, complementary consultation* to discuss your potential case.

Please note that I am precluded by law from representing both parties (without the fully informed and written consent of both parties) in competing claims, conflicting claims or in transactions in which a conflict could arise.  It is my ongoing policy to decline concurrent representation where competing or conflicting interests exist, regardless of informed written consent.  In such cases, I will advise retaining independent counsel for one or both of the other parties where a conflict of interest currently exists or could arise in the future.

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* Please note:  The purpose of a free consultation is not for the gratuitious dispensation of free legal advice.  Unless there is a current representation agreement in existence between attorney and client, no legal advice can be given, or may be construed as legal advice.  Consultations are available, time and existing client casework permitting, to assess your potential case in order to evaluate whether or not you have a viable course of action to take for recovery under the law.